After some difficulties finding the right path we arrived to the parking and finally got out of the car. Walking towards the nearest path, the green silence of the forest embraced us and we found ourselves on a gray gravel path leading into the depth of the woods. The Sun rays glimmered through the dense foliage of the forest and we entered. I with a growing joy, you with a slight hesitation, I felt. Soon I find my friend, the massive tree that called me to come here in the first place. It feels a bit awkward when I want to give him a hug in front of you. Will you understand and how...? So I only quickly caress its bark and off we go, further into the woods, further, finding a darker path where gravel no longer crackles under our feet. The earth is soft and silent and only occasionally one or two roots appear. We�re surrounded by personalities. Every tree has its inseparable soul, you feel alone and at the same time like in a crowd. A silent and quiet crowd. The path starts to slope down to lead us into a little narrow chasm, with stones, small boulders we step on to get down. Then it suddenly straightens again and we go on. People � yes people, we meet them, the whole group, and it feels so out of place. more here



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